The friendliest little parrot I've had the pleasure of befriending. Not this exact one, I don't know who the photo belongs to, simply one of millions. A piece of apple is likely to bring the whole family and I feel special when they're on my arms or shoulder.

The friendliest little parrot I’ve had the pleasure of befriending. Not this exact one, I don’t know who the photo belongs to, simply one of millions. A piece of apple is likely to bring the whole family and I feel special when they’re on my arms or shoulder.


Words for teenagers meme

Eclipse Now

There’s this Facebook meme doing the rounds called “Word’s for teenagers”. At first I thought it had some good points. Sure it’s a Judge having a rant, so I made some allowances for it being a little intolerant. Especially of youth. Especially as he has to convict them all the time. Then I thought about it some more. Now, while we ALL know some teenagers that probably need this rant (below) tatooed onto their foreheads, I’m still troubled by it. Disturbed in fact.

Northland College (NZ) principal John Tapene has offered the following words from a judge who regularly deals with youth…..”Always we hear the cry from teenagers ‘What can we do, where can we go?’…My answer is, “Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons, and after you’ve finished, read a book. Your town…

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Graham to Robbie

Dear Robbie

Congratulations on reaching your 50th Test as Coach of the Wallabies.

Can I start by saying what a choice job you’ve been doing since you first started working for New Zealand Rugby in 2008. It has been a long-term task, but the plan to ensure the All Blacks win the World Cup at home in 2011 is coming together perfectly.

My idea of getting you to be hired by Australian Rugby as their national coach and then sabotage the Wallabies from within, in my own modest opinion, was an absolute masterstroke.

While our plan had many doubters, I always knew in my heart that the Aussies would fall for it. After reaching 50 tests as coach on the weekend, I think its only fitting to mention what I think is your top 10 highlights of sabotage to date:

1. Losing to Ireland
2. Giving Rocky the captaincy of the country he hadn’t played for in over two years, then stripping it off him right before the World Cup
3. Losing to Scotland
4. Not even getting close to winning the Bledisloe Cup back
5. Not picking a backup for Pocock in the World Cup squad
6. Never using the Wallaby bench effectively
7. Not having a back-up game plan
8. Using words like “contest, willing, collision, contact-zone, adaptation” to describe rugby
9. Losing to Samoa
10. Winning only 54% of all your games as coach of historically one of the most successful teams in Rugby

I can’t believe after all this they then extended your contract for a further two years?!?!?! How they didn’t work out our plan after you coached them to 10 Bledisloe cup losses in a row is full credit to you and we’re all very proud of you back at home bro.

Well done once again and as planned we’ll see you at Ritchie’s after the World Cup to celebrate pulling the wool over the Aussies’ eyes.

Graham Henry

ps: The Plan worked, New Zealand hold the rugby World Cup after beating France in the final at Eden Park, Auckland.

Facebook fools so many

While Twitter keeps me in touch with various stuff, I’ve never felt the need to have a facebook page. Lately I’ve realised that many in my circle of friends, plus some family, seem to gather more and more ‘friends’. My lovely Rachel, apprentice hairdresser, has more than 2000 friends she proudly told me. I doubt she is 20 yet, could be wrong, doesn’t she realise that all the stuff that goes on the net never really goes away.

Note to self: Come As You Are, Paul Gurr

Emmet Cahill

Here is a blank page to enable me to permanently remind me of a super show earlier this year when Celtic Thunder came to town. Each man conveyed immense passion in the solo spots, perhaps Always There made a huge impression on me with such beautiful words. That doesn’t make it the best of the show, simply one that came to mind when I was thinking of Celtic Thunder tonight.

Once Before I Go – Don Lane

Now that I’ve found this version of a touching Peter Allen song I can put it here to remind myself how touched I was when I first heard another singer.

Simon  Callagher came to town recently, a very entertaining show was closed with his version of Once Before I Go.  My emotions were jolted and fortunately no one could see the tears roll.  Neither could I see whether anyone else was affected yet there is now no doubt that many were in the same emotional state.  Having no idea who Don Lane was when I found his version I had no biased opinion yet I do think his rendition of a beautiful song is pretty darn good.

Proof the Net never forgets

Well there you go, I found this quite by mistake recently even though I’d totally forgotten all about vague thoughts and ramblings.

My plan was to put ‘old stuff’ here, a sort of diary perhaps. Now to find the old fax’s and letters to my grandmother. The big flood soaked all the loving letters between hubby (MOTH) and I, throwing them out after so many years was far more upsetting than having to replace furniture and other stuff after the home was rebuilt.

I will improve.